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Thanks so much for both of your advise. I will try those foods with her hopefully she will try them out. Thanks hazelrunpack all that advise is very helpful

I should have mentioned that when she knows that I have the millet she will easily get onto my finger. However without the millet she will shy away and go up the bars.... How can I get her used to my hand even when the millet is not there?

When I do manage to get her out of her cage she always wants to fly back to it. (I have read that this is unusual, that it is hard for most owners to get there bird in the cage). I feel that she feels safety there so when ever slightly unsure of a new situation she will fly back. I have realized that if I place a towel over the cage she will not land on the towel. Is this wrong because I am taking away her safe place?

Thanks for the great advise about the windows. Every time I get her out I have to cover all the windows. That will help a lot thank you
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