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Tim722, my shetland sheepdog, Toby, had bladder stones when he was 5 years old. My vet had to operate to remove one jagged stone imbedded in the bottom of his bladder and one blocking his urinary tract. At the time I Googled and discovered that 50% of dogs will get bladder stones again within 3 years if they aren't kept on special diets. Now, my vet suggested Hills Science Diet UD, and I use only the dry food. I boil chicken for all my dogs so Toby's dry food gets soaked in the chicken broth to soften it, and supply him with extra liquid in his diet, plus he gets chicken meat with his meal, and the good news is that he is now 12 years old and no sign of anymore bladder stones. People say Hills Science Diet is no good ( - maybe they don't like the price ? - ) but I find it works very well. ALL MY DOGS want to steal Toby's food, so it must taste good too. A bag of that food would last your little Pom a good time, Toby only gets a handful daily and he's a bigger dog.
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