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hello to my canadian friends- thank u all for your kind words. surprisingly, im sleeping and eating. I still have his bed out and his toys and I can not seem to part with them. im not ready. many people go out within a month and get another dog, not me. I put off a knees operation for 2 years because I had no one to watch him. im 66 and alone. nobody would of tolerated his behavior. he was a wild and disobiedent dog, but I loved him with wall his flaws. I love him unconditionally.i had him groomed 2xs a year, gave him bubblt shampoos,good food, yearly dog exams. he had a coneal ulcer and I read online that is very painful for a dog. I got him optiume ointnment. I knew something was very wrong hen he did not want to go outside for his walks, he would flop down in the middle of the street when there was cars on both sides of me, I knew I had to take him to a vet. he had a mct gd2 in 2009 and had it removed. I had his teeth done twice in 2005/2009. he never let me put a toothbrush in his mouth, he put his teeth into my fingers and bite. I bought him toys. I took him to dog events, he cared less about it. I always wanted him to have a best friend dog. here in nyc there are hundreds of dog runs, even in prospect park Brooklyn there is this swimming pond just made for dogs. Lhasa are not born swimmers like other breeds-retrivers are natural born swimmers. I took him one time to the Hudson river in cronton on the Hudson,ny and it was after labor day, I took the chance I wanted to see if he would swim. he did, I let go for 5 minutes and he loved it. I was scared but I wanted him to expeience everything in life that was good. my brother yelled at me and said I shall never do that again. I said ok. now, that its over, all I have is his memory. I have empty arms, my arms at the end carried him to his bed he could not take himself to bed no more. he had ccd-dementia. I need u guys to check in on me from time to time just to see that im ok. life is very sad for me now. I have not felt happiness for a long time. I try not to cry because my eyes are swollen and it hurts. I put drops in them. bye. Lydia- forever coco rigsby mom.
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