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Older Corgi started peeing in house...

Some background first: We have a 9 year old spayed female Corgi. Sadie has been crated when we are at work or out of the house since we adopted her at 6 months. 9 months ago, we moved from Colorado to Wisconsin. Other than the obvious changes and my not working for the first 3 months after the move, Sadie's routine hasn't changed for what it's been for the last 8.5 years.

The only difference we noticed right away is that she barks a lot more. I'm sure it's because she could see through our fence at the old house, but can't now.

Our problem is this: About 5 or 6 months after the move, Sadie started peeing on the carpet in the house, which she has never done before. Even after asking to go out (ringing a bell or "woofing" at the back door) and then being outside for several minutes, she will come in and when we are out of site, go and pee on the carpet. She will also do this if I am in one room and my husband is in another. Sometimes she has also done this after being told to stop doing something she is not supposed to (we tell her OFF). She is not incontinent as she doesn't not pee in her crate and she does not have any leakage.

She is diabetic and regulated on insulin. She has been treated for a couple of bladder infections the last 3 months or so, but this behavior has not stopped.

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