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Originally Posted by concernedperson View Post
Really????? This is all you can offer for folks who have come here and provided you with a few good examples of how you can help your family and these poor dogs.

You need to understand that you may not like the answers you get on a board about pets that has members from all over the world. We are all pet lovers here and no matter which country we live in WE DO NOT LIKE TO HEAR about INHUMANE living conditions for any animals. Some people here and I say some lightly because I am sure the numbers are pretty high are RESCUERS themselves who have taken in and rehabilitated animals that I am sure came from similiar conditions you have described here. So you need to understand that it is very difficult for people to come here and see what you have written and also seeing that you are NOT WILLING to help these poor dogs.

You are not being part of the solution here you are being part of the problem.

I am sorry if you dont like my comments but this is very very hard to read and not see anything done about it.

I hope you can live with your decision
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