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Thanks hazel, her mobility seems good after the treatment but the other senior problem I am having is night time restlessness. Hardly got any sleep last night because she continues to wake up, pace around and needs to go outside only to repeat the process in another hour or two. I have watched her and sometimes she just wanders around, other times it looks like she is trying to find a place to pee. She either does pee or nothing happens and she comes back inside only pace around some more, get a drink and finally back to bed. Very frustrating as lack of sleep is making us feel unwell.

Apparently, disturbances in sleep-wake cycles are common in older dogs, as well as in older humans. Perhaps the treatment made her achy, bladder and bowel issues, cognitive issues? Poor old dog. I'm going to get her a more supportive bed to see if that helps and more exercise during the day would be beneficial if it wasn't so darn cold.
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