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Hi abbytreasures and welcome to the forum !

I have to ask, will this be your first ever kitten?

I'm asking because you appear surprised when presented with perfectly normal kitten behaviour/interaction with strange humans, and, because you're offering your fingers to said kitten. If you go on to adopt this little one, you'd be well advised to cease and desist from that!

Dog Dancer's point about 'early' adoptions is one to be heeded. These little ones need as much time as can be given to spend with mom and their North America (I suspect you're in the UK) there's a general rule-of-thumb of eight weeks minimum before separating them....yes, it can be done earlier, but, there may be consequences. Those generally come in the form of (what's perceived as) unsocial behaviour - misbehaviour. That comes about because they've been deprived of social etiquette training, which is naturally 'delivered' by mom and siblings.
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