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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
I agree--totally inconsiderate. Especially if it was at a dog park where they actually supply the bags for cleanup!
We have 3 parks that supply the bags for cleanup and have deposit boxes that is only for dog poop and you'll not believe how many people still do up pickup after their dogs. When I use to take my last dog to the beach I would leave a bag filled of dog poop from other people dogs and a bag filled of trash people left on the beach. I once found twenty dollars on the beach and I said that was my tip! So that is you spelled 'inconsiderate '
I knew I was spelling it wrong but I could not get spell check to help me.

momof2 , I agree with you that people must think the poop will melt with the snow , I was thinking to myself I hope I do not step on a poop bomb and sure enough I did. The duck pond I go to have trash cans all around the park plus 2 poop deposit boxes and people still do not pickup their poop .
That is very inconsiderate.
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