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Yeah, I think I'd like to look further into that. She did have the saggy hind end coming on before I found the tick but as things have progressed and the sudden lameness, who knows?

My apt. was interesting. She examined her and performed some massage, mobilization of joints, spine, acupuncture. She said she wanted to do this all gently because of her age. Gave me some massage, exercises to do at home. I found that helpful. This particular vet also does Chinese medicine and I'm not really sure how I feel about that. Never have tried it but I wanted to keep an open mind so I took home two herbal formulas. One called "hindquarter weakness" and the other "body sore" which she called the "metacam" of Chinese herbal preparations.

Poor dog was exhausted after the treatment and she became a little agitated at the end. Just seemed whiny and restless. The vet said that sometimes this type of treatment can stimulate the bowels and that maybe she needed to go to the bathroom. Before we left I took her for a short walk but nothing happened and it was freezing cold out so in the car we went. Half way home she did go in the car and stepped all over it. Poor dog. We cleaned her up and she is now fast asleep.

I hope I am doing the right thing for her. Only time will tell and then I can decide if this is a benefit to her or not.

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