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Thanks, apt. Is later this morning.

I picked up some natural eggshell membrane (NEM) on the weekend to try and the guy at the health store pointed out a mineral supplement called sierrasil apparently harvested from the sierra nevada mountains. I purchased 30 pet chews to try athough, it is much cheaper if you buy the human supplement. The pet chews just have oat bran, salmon and liver flavor which my dogs don't care for.

The other thing that is bothering me a bit is tick disease. Shouldn't all dogs, regardless of age, be tested for tick disease if they present joint problems, hind end weakness or lameness? I found a deer tick on her back in October. Still waiting on the results because there were so many submissions the lab is now backlogged. Sure, it is probably fairly unlikely, but I think that should be ruled out just in case. She hasn't had too many of the other symptoms like loss of appetite but it sounds like symptoms can vary. I don't know, just a thought and I have reason to worry about that since Timber's ordeal.
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