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Originally Posted by StompinTania View Post
I am in Saskatchewan, and there are not any breeders within 800km. Most are much further.

I have done extensive reading, and spoken to a few breeders located elsewhere in the country.

I'd start here. They have a list of breeders within good standing on their page, but be sure you do your own research too - proper health testing (posted to the OFA website) and the kind of lineage you're looking for - show dogs, working dog lines, etc.

I know of some people who have driven nearly 20 hours to pick up their puppy (one way!) so it's quite realistic that you won't find a breeder within the close vicinity of you. You should prepare yourself now that you are going to have to drive, or pay for shipping perhaps of your puppy - should that be the route you go.

Good luck with your search.
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