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Originally Posted by erykah1310 View Post
I haven't been on this site in years, I don't comment much at all.
I do feel however that you should know you are not alone.
After being in the show world briefly I saw things I would rather erase from my memory and have seen homes that sound much like your moms.
Kudos to you for seeking help for her and the dogs, just don't feel like this is an isolated case.
Best of luck

When I was younger I went to a couple shows to help my mom get set up and get out of the city for a day and see some dogs. I quickly realized I didn't like it and never went back to another. Some of the people I met were really flakey and they treated their dogs like objects rather than living creatures.

Adding to this already difficult situation I was told my mom might be sick, she was in for day surgery this week. Timing is less then optimum to say the least. If animal workers visit I cant even imagine how bad it all might go.

And Im wondering if can I send a letter anonymously, will they act upon it? I've called in the past to send a complaint about noise and an over abundance of dogs hoping they would go out and see how bad the situation was and it would change. That was a couple years ago, its far worse now. Obviously nothing was done.
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