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As Longblades has mentioned, it's gr8 that you're doing research, and that health issues are not something to ignore.

As it seems you're becoming aware of, reading about a breed or seeing an individual or two in a park is not the same as actual experience. Breed descriptions are often peppered with vague but positive adjectives. Every breed "on paper", everyone's dog and every breeder's breed is, indeed, "the best".

Reading between the lines of your post, my biggest concern (not that you care what I think) would be that you seem to be giving proportionally too much emphasis on aesthetics (as well as the generalizations about which you've been reading)...

The two breeds you're looking at, although they do have similarities, are very different in temperament and drives. Just as you wouldn't select a best friend putting based primarily on looks, it's similarly unwise in selecting a breed. And although "proper socialization and training" will certainly help shape your puppy into the dog it will become, you don't want to be put in the position of trying to work agains hard-wired, genetic predispositions.

I (very strongly) suspect there are better choices out there for you. If I can be more blunt, from what you've stated thusfar you're looking for, I would suggest you re-examine your attraction to the R.R.

Having said all that, you certainly seem to be on the right track, Greg! I would urge you to keep researching.

Best of luck!
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