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Originally Posted by concernedperson View Post
Thanks for the links. Perhaps I can find an easier option. I wish my dad would do something about it, its his house and ultimately should be his choice. and he dislikes it as much as I do hes made that clear. In the past Ive told my mom Id report it if she does not change it, when I got disgusted and ended up losing my temper with her. I dont much care what she thinks of me anyway, shes the one in the wrong. but I don't want my dad hating me. it feels like Im between a rock and a hard place.
The first and foremost beings in a bad place right now are the dogs. You need to go the route of having them removed from that house as soon as possible. If you do it now, you may be avoiding criminal prosecution for your mom and possibly your dad. IF YOU DO NOT, and someone else reports it as a witness, they may be in a lot of trouble, so I suggest you do it as soon as possible. I used to work as a cruelty investigator for the Toronto Humane Society so I can tell you that what your mother is doing is hoarding and it is cruelty. It is extremely unkind and distressful to the dogs. They deserve to be in a home where they are not crated the entire day and have proper socialization and care. Please take care of this asap. As you are now aware of this issue it IS YOUR responsibility to do something about it. If you refuse to for fear or because you don't want to get someone who is doing something very wrong in trouble, you are just as guilty. I am sorry if that sounds harsh but you need to help these animals now. That is really the only option you have if you care and want to speak on their behalf. Otherwise, you are right, they will just waste away because your parents aren't doing anything and you are refusing to act. Your mother will need some help. If she is hoarding dogs and concerned about titles and breeding, then yes, I hate to say it but she does have some mental instability and needs a professional so that this will not continue into the future and possibly get even worse.

I hope you make the right and only choice and please keep us updated as I am sure many of us are very worried and stressed about the situation these dogs are in.
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