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Nearly a year of snot

Well here we are nearly a year later.

Eddie still has nasal discharge, reverse sneezing and no end in sight. I have read everything I can find.

Turned out Eddie was allergic to the Clavamox when the vet actually gave him a dose that was "better suited" to his weight. Into the third "course" of Clavamox, I noticed hives. Eddie was allergic. So we stopped the Clavamox.

Consulted with an Internal Medicine vet. Since I could barely afford the visit, we did not do diagnostics. She was certain that it was rhinitis and treated him with Zithromax and an anti-inflammitory from the compounding pharmacy. These drugs are supposed to work in tandom. Yep three courses of those with no noticible results. She refused to treat Eddie further until we agreed to "only" $1800.00 for a rhinoscopy - which could be inconclusive.

Back to his regular Vet who agreed to try a course of Prednizone to see if he improved. Not really.

Actually all the medications, after the Baytril for bronchitis, have not helped- except to clear up infection. His discharge is white now.

I am looking for work, unemployment has run out and as much as I would like to "diagnose" Eddie's nasal issue, I simply don't have the funds.

So for now, I put saline drops in his nose about 5 - 10 times per day to keep the snot thin enough for him to sneeze out or cough up. Most of the day he sleeps and seems comfortable but any excitement causes sneezing. Of course night is the worst. His nose rattles and snuffs and snots and he is miserable.

Oh well, until I find that six figure job, saline is cheap. Eddie is uncomfortable and who needs sleep.

Thanks everyone for suggestions and concern.
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