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Originally Posted by marko View Post
These dogs should be removed first.
THEN, imo deal with the mental health issue.
I also agree, however, agencies such as SPCA, rescue groups etc, often cannot immediately remove animals unless they are in "critical distress" ie life threatening situations that require immediate medical attention. They still need search warrants to go onto the property, they legally have to give owners time to rectify the conditions or if the owner is willing & not coerced to legally sign over ownership of the animals.

Shelters are so full they don't have the space to take in every animal if they think / can be convinced by the owners that the proper steps will be taken to provide adequately for the animals within a specified time, they will do follow up visits etc to ensure compliance but it all takes time. Rescue organizations can not legally walk into someone's home & just take the animals regardless of condition - they would be sued six ways to Sunday.

The BC SPCA for example has a legal obligation to give owners a chance to fix the situation within a set timeline and are not allowed to immediately remove animals that are not in critical distress, they may take some of them but they still have to be legally signed over to the shelter.

As sad as it is, it's a fact that the living condition of animals are not taken as seriously as that of humans. If you can approach the situation from the human aspect that may get the desired result (of the animals have a better living situation) accomplished in a faster time frame.

If the condition of the house is deemed unsanitary or unlivable by the health department according to city bylaws or if adult protective services for your city deems there is a risk of self-neglect (your mom) or elder neglect (your dad) you will get results much faster. If your parents house is bad enough to be officially declared not sanitary for human habitation or the health risks to them are bad enough for them to be removed from the house by the health department, the animals will be removed immediately.
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