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Unhappy coco 1/11/14

hi- I lost my beloved 15/16 Lhasa apso this past Saturday. he had IVDD,heart mumur 5.6.,ccd-(dementia) heavy panting,blind-( a corneal ulcer.) drag his legs on the floor. incontinence etc.

I needed to get a mri/cat scan, or a fluoroscopy which would of shown us a better picture of what really was going on inside him but who has $2000 for an x-ray. I had him on a dexaasone 0.5mg pill 2x a day which is also a human pill used throughtout usa and Canada for asma.ivdd, cancer and other uses. ide effects are voiting loose bloddy stools. I only saw a little blood one night but then it stoped and his stools were solid. I do not know if he was internal bleeding. all I know he is goneever and I cannot astop crying. I 66 yrs old and there will be no ore dogs for me. I walked him in all kinds of weather rain,snow,11 1/2 yrs. I found hi bandoned in a dirt lot 6/28/2002 with a note attached to collar im homeless pls take me hoe with u. I was a animal rescuer I rescued 25 cats and 5 dogs. there was always a lot of cats in the complex . i am in bad shape myself. { edited by mod } any advise on how to deal with this sorrow. thanks lydia

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