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I'm not so sure its a mental issue it seems to me she cares more about impressing people in the dog show circuits than about her family and the house. It seems like she cares most about having "top dogs" at whatever cost. Not even taking into account some of there well being, or ours. Ive told her what shes doing is mean and anyone that truly cares about dogs wouldnt be doing this, its sad to see. She just brushes it off. I dont like to speculate too much on everything because it winds up making me angry. But Ive always had those impressions.

I'm going to think about reporting her. I really dont want to go that route. As I said I don't want my dad to get in any trouble. He actually cares more about animals then my mom does it shows. We both just want them to have proper homes with owners that can spoil and focus attention on them. My dad isnt in denial, he complains about the situation to her often. She lies to him, said she had an add up to sell some, I've checked. I dont like my mom very much right now or have much respect for her, and thats sad. Everything about it is.
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