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If I were in your shoes, I'd 100% report my mom anonymously to the SPCA or other agency.

You wrote ..."She doesn't treat them "bad". But I'm against them being stuck in crates all the time wasting away for nothing, only going out a short time a few times a day to do business and run around a little...."

Being confined to a cage for the majority of the day, (20 hours) and wasting away...IS TREATING THEM BAD. It is might be criminal depending on where you live. Certainly it is immoral OR indicative of mental illness, but it needs to stop for the health of the dogs, the humans in that house and the state of disrepair to the house. You have every right to be upset and disgusted.

These dogs should be removed first.
THEN, imo deal with the mental health issue.

Really sorry you are going through this.
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