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During a visit I mentioned it to my family doc, my mom sees the same one. Maybe that makes it uncomfortable for her because I told her my mom is hoarding dogs and she didn't have anything to say about it. I also told her its stressful etc. and I have trouble sleeping or even relaxing times Im there. It causes anxiety after a while and I have to leave to get away to escape that. My brother was over and he said he can't even think when dogs started barking. Its bad, I'm not exaggerating. I also have concerns about someone getting sick. I wish I could have someone talk to my dad about it. I know hes gets feeling stressed by it all and I dont know why he doesn't take charge and do anything. Its difficult to explain. I dont think he fully realizes the seriousness of it. He also thinks the day will come when my mom does what she says and find homes for some. The whole situation is very ****ed up.
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