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Dogs, plural. There is 14 or 15 of them including some from a new litter last fall. Thats too dramatic I can't be responsible for doing that. She doesn't treat them "bad". But I'm against them being stuck in crates all the time wasting away for nothing, only going out a short time a few times a day to do business and run around a little. I suppose she thinks she isn't being unrealistic. Thats how it seems. Or she will do what she wants in order to accomplish whatever it is shes trying to accomplish at whatever cost. I don't know what to do, I'll probably just stop going to the house like others have done. I was hoping maybe there was someone I could get to have a talk to my dad and make him understand that she has a hoarding issue, and maybe he can get something started. Its like he seems to believe what she tells him, or hes denying or just not understanding. She has excuse after excuse as to why she hasn't found some of them homes. One being no one buys dogs around xmas. I found that ridiculous. The messes and extreme noise and damage doesnt seem to bother her much or at all. Sometimes I don't know how I can be related to her because I cant fathom what shes doing and how shes let the place get.
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