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I dont know what to do

I'm concerned and angry but I'll try and word this best I can. Basically my mother has been hoarding dogs for quite some time. Shes obsessed with breeding and showing them and having some "perfect dog". I'm sure she keeps many so she has selection at hand. That would be one of the reasons shes doing this I'm sure. Some of them spend most of the day locked up in crates for easily 20 hours of each day. A couple have became so unattached from humans that they seem loco. My parents place is so dirty and smelly and badly damaged and dysfunctional. When mess isn't kept in check the odor of ammonia gets so bad its disgusting. You have to wear shoes inside all the time, thats how bad it is. People stopped visiting the house, im sure its for reasons mentioned. I apologize for venting but its a little hard not to at the moment. There is dogs in crates on 4 levels of the 2000 sq ft house, and 4 or 5 that have free range. They aren't even properly house broken and continuously use floors that are so badly damaged that they need replacing (again). It seems like my father has a full time job cleaning up dog waste and it saddens me to see it going on. I haven't even mentioned the noise, try to imagine 15 very vocal shelties barking and or crying to be fed or be let out of crates, its hell. I dont know what to do, report my mom? The concern I have with that is my father might be fined since he co owns the house. Also I have a huge love for dogs and do not want to see them taken away or put down. I'd like to see them go to nice homes where people can spoil and focus on them and enjoy them. Its very sad to see, all of it. And I dont know what to do about it if anything. I feel sorry for my dad, hes turning a blind eye until he ends up getting angry. Hes getting on in age and has a bad back and hip and the dogs are so much extra work for him. hes very soft hearted and most of the time just cleans after dogs, I feel sorry for him. I really hate this its very frustrating.
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