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My cats are most active at sunrise and sunset, this is when they eat, walk around, run around, watch the birds outside, drink and use the litter.
After that they will lay around, sleep, groom, lay on my lap and want cuddles.
They pretty much sleep part of the morning, the afternoon and the evening.
They usually have a burst of energy around 2 or 3 am, time at which they will run frantically around the house chasing each other, and then take a nap until sunrise.
I would say that they lay around for about 16 to 17 hours. Sometimes in this time frame they sleep, and at other times they just ''chill'' and rest.

Helper to:
Cookie July 1st 1999 f/ RIP July 31st 2008 -cat
Tonali June 3rd 2007 f -cat
Elphin April 21st 2008 m -cat
Stibule(Gino,Airell,Katla,Rasta)June 6th 2009 f- cat
Gino Ferrero April 8th 2010 m -cat
Airell Awenn Awnfenn Ep Berrth April 8th 2010 f- cat
Katla Chilam Balam April 8th 2010 f- cat
Rasta Farian Marley April 9th 2010 m- cat
Chipcat-Filou found June 12th 2011 (Ocicat 6months old) f-cat
Jane the Snow Cat rescued Dec27th 2012 f- cat
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