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3 years ago I rescued a pregnant cat, she had her kittens and they nursed on her until they were 3 and half months old, time at which she just 'had enough' and pushed the kittens away.
One of the kittens, Katla, then started to try to nurse on my male cat Elphin. Elphin didn't mind at all and Katla went on with this until she was about 6 months old! Time at which she lost interest in nursing alltogether.
I must say that Elphin and Katla are very bonded and to this day sleep together and groom eachother.
I would not worry about your kitten's behaviour, if both kittens are ok with the situation, it is my experience that it will eventually pass. The only 'side effect' may be that you will have very bonded and inseparable cats.
I personally would not interfeer with what they do, I would just let them be.

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