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Please keep me updated on Bandit!

This makes me soooo angry because...where were the parents? I don't let small children around my dogs? Course when they seee Lizzy they scream "DALMATIAN!!" and come running expecting her to be sweet and nice like on the movie. She is sweet and nice but the excitement freaks her out.

Poor Bandit probably didn't want the kid in his face and bit him. Not that its the childs fault but the fault of the parents.

There was a child here that went to a home and wanted to see the "New" puppies. So they were few days old...she reached in and grbbed one...of course the pup cried and mother bit the girl. The dog made a mess out of her face...but dang where were the parents to say "No you don't do that the Mommy will get mad?" Instead the Humane Society came in with the pole dragged the mother out like a wild animal...course poor girl was upset her pups were left then they took pups and quarentined her......Yes i feel for the child as really the poor baby didn't understand..but I tell you I was soooo ticked about the Mother dog being treated the way she was...Good news is she was not put down.
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