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[QUOTE=sugarcatmom;968250]No age risks with catnip. However, most kittens don't really become receptive to the effects of catnip until they're a little older. My 2 didn't react to it until they were about 4 1/2 months, but it varies with each cat. Try it and see![/QUOTE

Well I am no specialist, but I used a catnip spray to get my kitties to quit scratching on the (furnished rental furniture) not ours, but to scatch the tree we got them.. and to my amazement it WORKED!! I also got them some catnip mice, which they love.. Chloe actually plays fetch with them, either till she loses it, or I can get her to forget about it.. (it does get tedious) my point is, my older cats in the past never wanted anything to do with catnip, at all and these 2 love it, but then again maybe they dont even notice it at all.. I dont know

Sorry still no idea why my photos are upside down....
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