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So cold outside my dog won't pee :-(

So I'm sure everyone is feeling these frigid temps we've been having in Ontario this week. I feel so bad for our pets who we have to take outside! I have two dogs, one male and one female. The male is okay, I can tell he is cold but he'll do his business pretty easily. The female, however, will not pee. The last time she went was yesterday morning, despite several trips outside and wearing her coat. I finally got her to poop last night after walking around my apartment building for about 20 minutes but she still wouldn't pee! Again, this morning nothing.

I don't think she's gone anywhere in the apartment; at least I haven't seen or smelled it if she has. I may get home to a puddle today and if I do oh well. But does anyone have any tips as to how I can make it easier for her (aside from melting the snow somehow!). She likes snow but not this frozen ground crap!
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