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Hip Dysplasia - Total Hip Replacement on 3 y/o 60lb dog

My 3.5 year old Lab/Border Collie mix (my best guess) was diagnosed with hip dysplasia last week. He had sudden onset lameness starting on Dec 24th that stuck around with no improvement. I work at a vet clinic, so he came to work with me on the 30th for an exam and radiographs were done under sedation on the 31st. Rads showed more involved dysplasia than expected based on symptoms. He is on Day 4 of Previcox and we started an osteosupport supplement today.

There has been little to no improvement in his gait or perceived pain level despite Previcox. He can still bounce playfully and climb stairs, but not without an altered gait and frequent moments of hesitation that I have to believe are pain responses. We expected to have some issues given the way we had acquired him ("rescued" by woman from a neglectful situation, came to us at 18wks with zero socialization and abducted hind legs due to malnutrition and neglect) but we have always kept him lean and active in attempt to avoid hip issues. We have had pet insurance on him since we got him and they cover hereditary issues (thankfully) so we are probably looking at getting a total hip replacement done on one, possibly both, hips in the near future based on his response to pain meds.

This whole situation is just breaking my heart. He makes our lives whole and the thought of him being in pain for a second kills me. I want to do anything and everything in my power for him.
Hip dysplasia isn't rare, so I'm just looking for advice on keeping him comfortable, experiences with dysplasia/hip replacements, any and all analgesic and surgical options, and just general advice from fellow dog lovers! I will try to attach a copy of the radiograph for the sake of curiosity. I live in NB Canada by the way, in case there are any location based referrals. I can't find info on a single surgeon that can do the job. Thanks in advance!
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