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Originally Posted by Winston View Post
Such a tough decision but if you have family that will take your beloved pet then why not?

Another thought would be to become a rescue foster Momma! they would certainly love to have someone to count on. I know in my local area the rescue groups are always looking for someone to take on a momma cat and babies or even bottle feeding babies that have lost their mom. So many possibilities. I applaud you for taking such consideration!

My mom is now 71 and we she rescued her beloved Brady and is so happy to have him and she couldn't see living without another cat when she lost her last one.

Having said all of that most rescue groups would not want an outdoor cat for reasons you gave in your original post.
What about adopting an older cat , there are adult cats that needs a good home . Your idea of being a foster mom is a great idea. And I think it great the OP is thinking about the cat in the long term .
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