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Thanks, I think a large "pool" that we can take out in the winter in northwest part of AB so with the way winters going right now I dont want to deal with frozen water lol,

the park would be fenced in with a gate ( I dont want the pups to get free and run into the bush that surrounds us)

This would be use at own risk and liability would be on the people who use it, Ive checked with my insurance person and as long as I post that the rules I should be fine.

theres nothing under ground here as were on a well system for water, its why i was trying to come up with a way to have water during the months the park would be used, like the pool idea Longblades

I will be looking into a DIY water area (splash pad again this is another use at own risk not liable for anything) for the kids I might take something that i have from there that has a circulating water with filter so the pups and dogs are able to walk up and take fresh water too

Should there be any kind of hills for the dogs to run up or just a flat surface?
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