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Lightbulb Wanting to build a dog park within my gated community (I'm the manager)

I just took over a 60 unit community that has a lot of dogs, of various sizes. I personally don't own an animal due to my life style. however i would love to give the furry tenants of my community a place to play and socialize with other furry tenants and people.
I don't have a huge budget for this (in fact I don't have one lol) but I have a lot of lumber and tires and other stuff just laying around the 88 acres. That was told we could do what ever we want with it. So i want to put it to better use then hiding under snow or rotting away to nothing.

I was wondering what people like and don't like or what their furry friends like and don't like at a dog park? ANY suggestion is much appreciated.

I don't have the ability to have running water, but trying to come up with an idea that can have a tank of water that can be filled every week for the 3 weeks of summer here lol

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