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It just rains a lot down there, Hazel. Usually just over twice the annual rainfall I have here but for some reason they are now getting lots, which is keeping everything green and growing. Lucky devils! For instance they have just had to mow those dog yards again. Yes, poor Dundee copped a bite in the eye that he cannot close or blink. The third eyelid was torn slightly and he also got an ulcer on the cornea. With Rimadil, an antibiotic, and tubes of eye ointment I am pretty sure he's over it now. I think because he must be partly blind, he's a bit reactive if the others crowd him. We separated him down there and I won't allow him to sleep with Toby and Mattie now, like he used to. I must say the vet was lovely. I took him to the vet doing Jarrah's hearing test. He wanted to see him after 10 days and when I said I doubted if I'd still be there he said to ring him please with a progress report before I go home. When I did, he came on the line and said 'Goodday mate'. LOL. Nice bloke! Oh, I couldn't resist this. While we were leaving his clinic, he'd gone out to the carpark with a laden trolley, to vaccinate a litter of Doberman pups that the breeder didn't want to take inside. As we drove by, just to annoy the breeder, I called out "Hey, love them WITH their tails ON!" It is illegal in Australia now to dock pups' tails but I know the majority still would like to do it.
Mmm! Hard to resist a little fluff butt or 5. They are going to have ripper coats on them later.
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