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This long yard that Roo and Jarrah were in is originally the old chook run I think. The chook pen has been concreted and they could opt for the fully enclosed part, which was where their show cages(beds) were set up, or the other part where they were still under cover but had wire to look out through, OR of course they could run on grass. Which they did, especially when the 'wolf' was on the prowl, namely Sally. Roo barked so much at her he has a fine case of laryngitis. He makes sounds like a pig squealing or maybe a squeaking door. I'd have asked the vet about it except it's Xmas. Silly dog! Guarding his lady love, Jarrah, I guess. The nice green yard behind theirs is Sally's.
Now, have to include this photo of Misty, mother of the litter. The crossed legs are a Sheltie thing.
Time for a break, have to go feed the ponies. I shall finish this later with some colourful blooms to please those who are sick of snow by now.
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