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This rose garden is pretty big. With the roses along the drive they total 250 roughly. They were at their peak for Sheltie day, start of Nov. , and are just about to do the second flush of blooms, the best Barb said she has ever seen them due to the rain they have had. I pruned , well, I deadheaded all these roses twice for her. In the background of this photo you will see in the distance two white statues . There used to be a rose garden down there but the possums decimated it. Anyway, the first time I took Roo for a walk down there he wanted to attack one of the statues, it was like "What's that guy doing up there, staring at me?"
The tree near Tony in the second photo is a Monkey Puzzle Tree. The limey green tree.
The final photo is taken looking back up to the house, with the orchard on the right, then to the left rose bed, shade house, dog yards etc..
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