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I'll ask Barbara the name of that tree, Hazel, and yes, it is a weeping cypress. Unfortunately there is a disease now in conifers down there. They aren't admitting it is a disease, they're saying it's to do with climate, but whatever. The result is that they're dying. You'll see magnificent shelter belts on stud farms and there in part of the row, dead trees. When a friend drove me up to have Jarrah BAER tested(hearing) I took note and the problem is everywhere. Barb is very concerned that she could lose the lovely weeping tree.
The other trees are Hazelnuts, but not native to this country I imagine. Great shade trees.
I did appreciate being hijacked, Barkingdog. She'd tell me to go have a sleep after lunch, and I'd argue that I didn't need one, then lie down still thinking that. Yeah, asleep almost before my head hit the pillow.
The property is 2.5 acres, DD, and because they have a litter of shelties to care for, at the moment, they are a bit snowed under with work that needs doing. I would take over that much of this place for garden if this wasn't a semi arid area but mine would become a massive cottage garden whereas they have vast expanses of lawn.
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