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Yes, Marko, it's lovely, and they put a lot of work into it each Spring in order to be ready for the Sheltie Fun Day they run annually for the Club. They have a big raffle to raise money for the Rescue people. They had over 60 people there with their shelties this year and it just keeps attracting more and more.
Longblades, I don't get to visit at all. I'm tied here at home with my own animals and property to look after. I just got hi-jacked down there when I came out of hospital this time because Ian had also been admitted(had his hip replacement op) and they didn't want me here on my own trying to do all the work. Must admit that following my op and being on oxygen for the entire week, I was pretty flat when I got home. Barbara(sister) MADE me rest, she wouldn't even let me feed my own dogs!
More nice photo's tomorrow, I'll take a quick look at FB then go to bed.
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