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I'm having the same problem

I have been socializing my puppy to everything and anything I can think of and she is pretty good. She does bark at strange people until she is close enough to them and then she is happy and excited. I donít know the best way to react when she does this. Also, although she has met and seems to enjoy new dogs, she does bark at them as well and if they get too close to me she wants to protect me. I have done what I know to be her pack leader but obviously have done something wrong to create this issue.
I have been bringing her to puppy daycare, run by a dog trainer with 20+ years experience and where she is fantastic once she gets over me leaving, she plays and is perfectly fine with the other dogs. The minute I get there, she starts to get between me and other dogs and tells them to get lost. We worked on this issue the last time I picked her up and she was fine in the end, even able to leave my side and continue playing. She will be 18 weeks old this Friday.
My serious issue is at home with an older (9) Norfolk Terrier I have. They were fine up until a week ago when the Norfie went to be groomed, when she came home, pup attacked her and had her in her mouth, off the ground. I had to pry her mouth open to have her let go. Thankfully, pup is still too young to cause damage but not for long.
Ever since that incident, pup only wants "at" the Norfie. I have to keep them separated because, even though at times she wants Norfie to play, if Norfie nips or barks, that would be it all over again.
The trainer from daycare will be coming home to help and I only hope and pray the GSD pup can be rewired. I love them both dearly and do not want to even consider the thought of rehoming one of my dogs, they are my babies. The trainer can only get to my house after the holidays and soI was wondering if anyone had any suggestions in the meantime as to what I can do, or if anyone else has had this problem?
I want my pup to grow up to be a pleasant dog with no issues and so hope and pray we can turn this around. My Fox Terrier is a male, 8 yrs old and is the boss with no questions asked.
Thanks to those of you taking the time to read and offer suggestions!
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