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Smile chricopathicny treatment /bmckay

hi- merry xmas. I think I tried to send u a short note before but did not go thru Yes, im thinking of going to one for my 15/ yr dog. he has IVDD. its terrible he enjoyed his walks bu t now no longer can he do a half a block. he is on rimdaly 1x a day for pain. no surgery at this age.

I know I will not have him for 2014 so every moment is precious. he still eats his food good and drinks his water daily. gives me a solid stool and urinates daily. broken sleep occassionaly roams the house and stares at the wall. this is not uncommon. I have a mild tranquilzer when this happens I pick him up gently and put him in his bed. so, I hope I get told honestly about his condition chrio treatments are expensive and I want to see results ,so many vet drs see u as a ATM machine and a lot of them have got caught up in a material world. the oath that vets take when finished with school is DO NO HARM, so I hope I get one that is honest. bye,if anyone would like to reply I be interested to know if u feel the same like me. I guess u can reach me at - sweetheart1 or on as a guest under senior dogs blog.bye.
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