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Hi! I just joined this site just so I could reply to this post! My vet gave me sentinel for my three year old Aussie when they stopped selling interceptor. A few months ago I noticed my dog was itching like crazy! Up at all hours of the night with relentless scratching. I felt so bad he's been on the same food and I give him salmon oil so I had no idea what was causing it. I checked him for fleas and he was all clear. Gave him an oatmeal bath, brushed him, and started giving him Benadryl a few times a day. After a week with no change, I called my vet and they said it might be an allergy. They told me to continue with Benadryl and call back if nothing changed. So I went online trying to find natural anti-itch cures. Tried ACV which worked a bit. THEN I realized he started to itch really bad after I'd given him his heartworm meds! I noticed the itching went down after a few weeks of sentinel being in his system but it would just get worse again after I gave him his monthly pill. I called the vet and they said usually there's no side effect like that but after two months of not taking it, Maddox has been itch free just anted to let anyone that has been having this same problem know! After the winter is over I'll be looking for a new heartworm pill because sentinel definitely did not work with my dog! Also I'd like to point out the same exact thing happened with my moms dog, a shi-poo.
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