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2 yr old dog won't stop jumping and biting

I read the other posts on this and nothing on them works on this dog. I've trained many dogs in my life, do rescue work and this dog is beyond me, I've had one trainer work with him and even come to our house, but he never does it around him so he can't tell me how to fix the problem. He jumps on me CONSTANTLY for attention and NOTHING I have done has worked on him. If I turn and ignore him, he bites at my ankles or jumps on my back. If I walk around, he bites at my arms and hands. Its attention-biting or puppy-mouthing and when we got him as a 5 mo. old puppy, he was a rescue from a feral situation and was semi-trained but had anxiety problems and social issues with other dogs. We were instructed not to correct the puppy-mouthing just yet in order to deal with the anxiety issues, which I still think was the right decision. He overcame a lot of that but still has some anxiety. I am at the end of my rope, I cannot walk around with binaca spray on my entire body, although that did help, it didn't help long enough and I can't spray my entire body with it every day. He has a large dog yard and another older, well-behaved dog to play with and 3 acres to run. He is obsessed with his soccer ball and I use that to try and deter his attention from me. He will not sit when excited to see me no matter how long I try. I truly hope someone out there has a suggestion other than a blowhorn or shock collar. My other older dog would freak with the blowhorn and it isn't fair to him and the shock collar will only increase this dog's anxiety we have worked so hard to get rid of. I'm so frustrated, leashing him doesn't help at all, he does it whether he has just run for 2 hours or not, it doens't matter. Its for attention but I'm so tired of it I can't take it anymore. None of the training methods that have worked on other dogs in the past work on this dog, he's a Kelpie and very stubborn and VERY quick, I can't reach him or use the leash in time, he's just too fast. HELP!
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