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i planned on it. but thought i would ask here first. some one did mention it could be just a dominate thing. In the spring Nyx goes in for some training. to help her get over her fear of certain people. she had it since we lost our dog Porsche, and its never the same people or a certain type.. she gotten way better these past few weeks as i have talk to the trainer and have been working on it to hopefully get her through it before i take her in.. but this past week she been really weird with her attitude. but will contact the trainer and hopefully get her in after the Christmas break. as I am away just up until almost Christmas.

Right now i am almost wishing that i didn't get the girls fixed as even during their heat they never fought at all. if it wasn't for the lab that comes around I would have kept them unfixed. sadly i didn't want lab cross pups or any pups at all. but its was annoying is my girls would be kept indoors only out to pee and maybe a walk( not in my area on a leash where no other dogs were) and each morning i would look out and there was this male lab. sadly the spca can't do anything about the dog
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