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spay female dogs fighting more

OK both of my girls got fixed late October and since they got fixed i have noticed more so this month that their rough housing has actually turned into more dominate fighting. had to yell at them to stop twice this past week. It usually start with them rough housing and then all of a sudden Nyx starts to growl more aggressively or Karma will and then they have their spat. Which if i don't notice gets worse. Re-homing either one is not an option and I would never think of it. As other then these spats they have they are best friends and do almost everything together. They have no food aggression at all their food dishes are side by side and they don't eat unless they are side by side.

I just wondering if this is something normal as Karma seem to back down from Nyx and show her she not being dominate or trying to be. But yesterday in the car they started their little fight again. I worry because I am going away at the end of the week for almost 2 weeks and don't really want to leave my mom with both girls if they are going to be acting up like this.

NOTE: nothing has changed in the house, they each still get alone time with me. Only real big change is that winter has finally shown up.
any ideas would be a great help. as i think karma got the worse end the other day from Nyx as now she got a not to deep scratch by her eye on her muzzle. not totally sure if its from Nyx or if one of the cats finally got Karma good.
hard to say as karma don't whimper or cry out if the cats hurt her or if she gets hurt by herself so i never really know unless i find the sore myself.
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