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I will talk to them.

But how do i go about getting her to "behave" at the vet.

I've taken my dogs and my younger barn cats (when they were getting fixed)
But she is a different story.

Whenever she leaves the house (even just me holding her, on the deck) she goes crazy.

Normally, she is the sweetest thing, who loves cuddles and purring and what not, but as soon as she is in a new environment she is insane. She hisses, bites growls, at everyone. She completely looses her head and forgets how to behave.

Example: About a month ago, we had a fire start in our kitchen. I grabbed her, and ran to my sisters house, (which is on the same property as ours, just across the yard) The second we left the door, she was growling and hissing and trying to get away from me. I left her there, until everything was settled at our house.
When i got her back, she bit, hissed all the way home, and as SOON as we stepped in the door she stopped everything, and acted like a normal cat.

I dont know how a vet could deal with her
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