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Just answering any questions people might have:

I havent noticed any eating issues before this, (she could have just bitten her tongue, but I'm concerned about the tooth)

She is drinking lots of water,

I would just put her on soft food, but she will NOT eat it.
I swear, i have the worlds pickiest cat, she hates wet food (all flavors, all the brands we've tried), She hates fish, or meats. Pretty much most of everything normal cats like, shes hates (discluding milk products)

She is currently on Friskies, i believe.

I am VERY concerned about having to get her a surgery. She is an older cat, and i havent been to the vet to get her heart checked or anything. I would love to, but I'm only sixteen, and my parents are very old fashioned and think vet trips are stupid. (We are tight for money right now also.)

She still acts like a younger cat, every so often she'll get her crazy moments where she'll run around the house like crazy, Shes always by my side, (Rarely, if ever doesnt bother to follow me around)

But if you think she needs to go to the vet, i dont have a job but i do have some money saved for college i can dip into if i need (its not a lot mind you)

My biggest fear is loosing this cat. I have had her since i was four, and i cannot imagine a life without her.
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