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Senior Cat Teeth

Hi everyone,

This evening i noticed my cat eating, (She's 11 years old, btw) and she was eating fine, and then she took another bite, and kind of flinched? Not quite, but she just looked a little uncomfortable. She stopped for a few seconds, and then went back to eating.

I called her to me and then looked in her mouth. (which was very difficult, let me tell you.)
And i noticed her teeth, right behind her canines, (towards the back) were really small, Almost less then an inch there (which I'm led to believe is normal in senior cats?) but i noticed on the bottom right, one of them was missing, or covered by gum. It was a little red, not super inflamed, but just a little red, like it was recently lost.

Once she stops being mad at me I'm going to look again, poke it and see if i feel a tooth there or not. I can try and get pictures if i need,

but is this normal?
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