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Originally Posted by Dog Dancer View Post
Well Scuba if it's any consolation we went through the same thing with our older dog Halo when we brought home the two puppies. At first she was thrilled, then annoyed and now she tolerates them - just. They outweigh her of course, and they are outside dogs now that they are grown, so that works out just fine as far as Halo is concerned!

Time out in the kitty box, how funny.
Actually it has been quite a smooth transition for Coho to become a part of the family. The first week for Angel was hissing, second week was the occasional hiss with some shadow boxing if the kitten got up in Angel's face. By week three she was pretty tolerant of the kitten when he wasn't trying to use her tail as a toy. Fourth week in, they were playing.

He has been her for 7 weeks now and they are cuddling buddies when Coho is not having his zoomies.

So it was more a case of: annoyed> tolerant> acceptance?
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