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Originally Posted by Winston View Post
Hey Scuba! Nice to see you back around! I am so pleased to see that not only you have Angel but little COHO too! woo hoo! How are things with you? Are you still making those collars? How is the kitty where your Grandma lives? I cant recall his name but I think he was a beautiful ginger colour?

Are you still walking dogs? Would love to hear about how that's going?

Oh and by the way they are both gorgeous additions!!
Hi Winston,

I am doing okay, Gerry was the big ginger cat's name at the senior home. I don't actually know how he is now, since I have not been to the home in a long time now. My grandma passed away 2 years ago and before that, we had her transferred to a senior home that was closer to where my parents were living.

Still walking dogs and volunteering at my local SPCA. I never made collars, but leashes. Haven't had a chance to make more lately, but I like my latest design, version 4.1?
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