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Any one has a cat that has grade 4 heart murmur and survived anesthesia?

Hi all:

New here to the forum. I have a 7 yrs old female cat who has a grade 4 heart murmur. I wanted her to be spayed when she was a kitten, but the vet refused to operate her on the operation table cause her nose was turning blue, and she feared that my cat might not survived the surgery. She explained to me that without spaying, she might get Pyometra when she is older, and the time is now. She has an open Pyometra yesterday, and my new vet (Old one retired) is treating her with antibiotic and Prostaglandins. The problem is that he is pretty sure there will be recurrence in the future. Now I am really forced to considered if I want to have her spayed by a specialist which might still run a chance of her dying on the operating table. However, if the Pyometra happened again, it might kill her too. Has anyone out there has any success stories of cats with grade 4 or higher heart murmur surviving anesthesia or surgery? Please share your thoughts.


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