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I am sorry to hear that Scully is having problems again. What I have found works for me personally, is to get the 3 homeopathics into the cat ASAP. This is one pellet each of Arnica, Pulsatilla, and Hepar Sulfuris. If they are in a small cylindrical container turn the container upside down and slowly rotate the bottom while holding the top still. Watch for one pellet to drop into the lid, pull the lid down away from the container, do not spill pellet out of the lid. Ideally you do not handle the pellets if at all possible. From here you have 3 methods of administering the pellets: 1. Tip Scully's head back and drop the pellets down the back of the throat for her to swallow. 2. Pour the pellets out of the lid into a small glass preferably 1 ounce measure or a jigger, and add an eyedropper full of water preferably distilled. Let them dissolve it will take at least 20 minutes, then fill the eyedropper with the solution and give it to Scully. 3 take the pellets and put them in a clean teaspoon take the 2nd teaspoon and crush them, and from there you can pour the crushed pellets in Scully's mouth or into the glass measure and add the eyedropper full of water this way they dissolve a lot faster.

The Arnica is for pain so you'll have to play it by ear if the pain hasn't subsided in 3 hours give her another Arnica. The Pulsatilla and Hepar Sulfuris should be given 3 times a day for the first 3 days than diminished to 2 times a day for 5 days, and try to have Scully on wet food if at all possible.

This along with the colloidal silver for 10 days is what I have found to work quite well for me. Quite often I have seen the pain diminish to the point where Missy would be acting pretty well normal within 3 hours(no more constant trips to the litter box) of the time that I started administering the products.

Something else that I do when this problem arises. I check the bladder area between the back legs for swelling just in case there might be blockage, and I have to make a trip to emergency. In the 7 years I've been dealing with this I haven't had any problems with blockage. But I do keep the litter box in the bathroom where we can keep an eye on the cat's in case there is a urinary tract problems. It gives you a quicker jump on the problem when it arises, and helps to cut down on the time that Kitty is in pain.

Sorry I didn't get your post earlier, hope this will help. I will check the computer a little more often in the next few days in case you do have problems that I might be able to help you with, or else PM me. Just keep a close eye on Scully for the next few days. If things don't appear to be clearing up the way you think they should, a trip to the vet might be necessary, hopefully not.

P.S. Administer the homeopathics either half hour after or a half hour before eating, and if you have distilled water use that to dissolve the homeopathic pellets, if not - filtered water, and last of all, regular water will have to do.

I don't see that you have the Hepar Sulfuris in your previous post. Did you get it as well? If not, carry on with what you have until you are able to get some. We generally purchase the homeopathics from our pharmacy by Boiron, but there is also a line from Hylands - at least we think that's the name.
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