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Thanks guys!

Yeah, I do have a couple baby gates, limiting access to the stairs will definitely be a start. She handles stairs quite well, but I wouldn't want her accidentally going down when she doesn't know where the top is. Actually, I might put the gate just below the first step down, so if she does go over, she won't have far to tumble, but she'll get the hang of where they are.

I think she's still got shadow/light and maybe a little near-sighted vision still, as she'll tend to follow the first legs she sees if she loses track of me at the park, and she generally manages curbs alright - mostly when she bumps into things, it's things right beside her that she turns and bonks.

Thinking of giving her more nosework practice, then figuring out some way to incorporate scent detection into her house navigation, but not quite sure how I'm going to implement that yet...
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